As of this moment, 61712 people have signed the petition 
since 1 July 99.









Sign the World-Wide Petition to Prevent Internet Taxation

As of this moment, 61712 people have signed the petition since 1 July 99.

1 July 1999 (Los Angeles, CA)- Right now the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce is meeting to decide how the U.S. government should tax the Internet.  Not if the Internet should be taxed, but how it should be taxed. online trading platform

The U.S. Government signed the Internet Tax Freedom Act into law 21 October 98 which imposed a three year moratorium on Internet taxation.  However, there are forces at work right now to swoop in and ruin it for all of us once this three year period is over.  We can not afford to wait until the three year moratorium is over.  We must act now if we wish to keep the Internet tax free.

Fact: The United States has just projected the largest budget surplus in history (nearly 1 trillion dollars - now, some of you may argue that this is just smoke and mirrors and that this projected surplus does not account for the National Debt.  You may be right.  Even if you hold this view, there are many other good reasons why Internet taxation should be prevented).

Fact: Despite the great extent to which you are taxed today, there are those in government who want more of your money.

Fact: The Internet, without any meddling from the government, has been the catalyst for the greatest economic boom in the history of mankind.  Despite this fact, your elected officials think they need to step in and "fix" things. online trading Pakistan

Fact: The majority of those sitting on the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce are strongly in favor of taxing the Internet.  This group will advise the U.S. congress on how to levy various taxes on the Internet.

This issue goes beyond national borders and party lines.  U.S. taxation of the Internet can affect the global economy.  It will set a dangerous precedent.  In time, it can lead us down a path of confusing multiple tax codes that will stifle Internet growth and electronic commerce.  No matter where you live, no matter what your political affiliation is, your stance on this issue should be clear.

To me, it's quite obvious.  I don't know about you, but my government gets enough of my money as it is.  I think it's high time we take a stand and let our governments know that no one wants them meddling with the Internet.  Don't you?

Good.  Take a short moment to    sign this petition today.  It will take less than one minute.

Mark Joyner
CEO, Aesop Marketing Corporation


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